04/22 Becker family and their tiny house to be in HGTV

Zac and Caitlin Hogan (photo: Laura Leigh)

Zac and Caitlin Hogan (photo: Laura Leigh)

A Becker family and their new tiny house, built by a Monticello, MN company, will be featured on HGTV Monday night.

The Hogans’ 183 square-foot tiny house was built by JB Home Improvers, whose vice president is Josh Battis, a friend of theirs from church.

“[Zac] approached me about a year and a half ago and told me this idea that he and Caitlin wanted to move into a tiny house,” Battis says. “In June of last year, we started on the process and then it kind of took off from there.”

Battis says he had never built a tiny house before, but says he enjoyed the creativity the job required, such as fold-away bunk bed cribs and a stairway that doubles as storage space.

“They’re tricky little things to make because everything has to have multiple purposes,” Battis says. “You have to maximize every square inch of the foundation in order to get as much into the house as possible.”

Zac Hogan says they made the move into the tiny house around Christmas and have cut their expenditures by about half.

“The first few months, it was an adjustment,” Hogan says. “But now, we’re really kind of getting the hang of living in the house.”

“It’s also empowered our oldest kid, who’s two-and-a-half, to want to be outside and enjoy the outdoors.”

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Elaine Walker