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04/20 The Netherlands to experiment with tiny houses

A Tiny House in Oregon (Photo: Tomas Quinones/Wikimedia Commons)
A Tiny House in Oregon (Photo: Tomas Quinones/Wikimedia Commons)
Almere [the Netherlands] wants to experiment with Tiny Houses – an American money saving trend of teeny tiny, sometimes completely self-sufficient and sustainable houses, alderman Tjeerd Herrema said to BNR.

Much will have to change before Tiny Houses can become a reality in the country, as housing and construction in the Netherlands are subject to numerous laws, rules and regulations. But Almere is working on it, according to Herrema.

“The homes do not comply with all the rules. That, for example has to do with how many square meters each room should be at minimum. But we as municipality wants to explore whether we could make it possible’, he said to the broadcaster.

The municipality organized a competition in which people can submit their innovative ideas for new compact and affordable homes. Minister Stef Blok of Housing will announce the winner in July.

Building regulations will be adjusted again in two years time. The adjustments may include provisions for Tiny Houses.

Source – https://www.nltimes.nl/2016/04/20/almere-experiment-tiny-houses/

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