04/20 Letter: City should grandfather in tiny house, allow veteran and family to stay

Brad Fuqua's tiny house in Philomath, OR

Brad Fuqua’s tiny house in Philomath, OR

(Editor’s note: The following letter was addressed to the Philomath City Council and also submitted to the Philomath Express as a letter to the editor).

I am writing to urge you to grandfather in the tiny house on 17th Street and allow the young veteran and his family to remain in their home. To do anything less would be unconscionable and force out the very people we hope will help build our community — forward-thinking, service-minded young families with bright futures and a commitment to living within their means.

My husband and I take daily walks around town and marvel at the beauty of Philomath despite its hodgepodge of houses and ram-shackle lots. Some of the houses should be demolished. Others are known drug houses guarded by angry dogs and regularly listed on police blotters yet council doesn’t seem to be evicting these residents.

Some are houses rich in history yet in desperate need of repair. No one is forcing these residents out despite the risk of fire, injury or vermin. Yet, council seems to have zeroed in on this well-built tiny house on a perfectly kept lot, which is privately owned and zoned for a single family home. The only problem is the house isn’t big enough?

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Elaine Walker