04/15 At Purdue, a big goal leads to a tiny home

Purdue student building a tiny house

Purdue student building a tiny house. To watch the video, click the link at the bottom of the post.

It was a simple question, but by no means an easy one to answer: How do you want to change the world? Kirk Alter, an associate professor at Purdue University, put that query before the students in his Monday night class in sustainable construction. And putting their heads together, those students came up with a plan. “This year they decided they wanted to look at the community, and they wanted to address the issue of housing,” Alter said. “Specifically, housing for people in three demographics: the homeless, people re-entering [society] from prison and battered women.” To help address those issues, the students wanted to build a tiny home, a showcase for the growing movement that says “build better, not bigger.”

Read more and watch the video – http://btn.com/2016/04/15/btn-livebig-at-purdue-a-big-goal-leads-to-a-tiny-home/


Elaine Walker