04/13 Fresh 230 sq. ft. tiny house looks like a camper but feels like home

Ann Armstrong's tiny house

Ann Armstrong’s tiny house

Some say that tiny houses are basically overpriced, overweight and overly cute recreational vehicles, and tend to stick out like sore thumbs — easy for the city inspectors to spot. Austin, Texas based architect and steel fabricator Ann Armstrong built this RV-like tiny home that boasts a fresh, modern interior that feels much more comfortable than your run-of-the-mill camper.

Armstrong, who has been part of a local movement promoting the building of more tiny homes as an affordable housing alternative, says on Austin-American Statesman that the flexibility that tiny homes offer was one reason she built one for herself, in the midst of rising housing prices in Austin:

“In many ways my creative bandwidth is fully charged here [in Austin]. And I want to stay. But if I get priced out, if the economy crushes my ability to make a living creatively, then definitely, I would have to move.”

Over on her tiny house Tumblr, Start Small, Armstrong showcases her 8,000-pound, 230-square-foot solution. Measuring 20 feet by 8.5 feet, the exterior looks incognito enough — it resembles your regular RV more than a stereotypical tiny house with the gable roof.

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Elaine Walker