04/11 Downshifting

tiny house…In the past 15 years or so, a phenomenon known as “down-shifting” has been taking place. This is where a person — typically living within an urban area — chooses to step away from a comfortable six-figure lifestyle and relocate to a more rural setting.

Down-shifters will often purchase a smaller home with a bit of land and begin producing more of their own food and keeping smaller livestock.

They’re willing to accept less material success than they “deserve” in exchange for a peace of mind and freedom that could not be found in materialism alone.

Southern Utah has been a popular destination for many of these down-shifters.

The idea here isn’t that money is bad or material things are evil. It’s an acknowledgement that stuff is not enough to give purpose to our lives.

Too much focus on acquiring material things transforms us into a slightly more well-adjusted version of Gollum whenever we start obsessing over whatever constitutes our latest version of “precious.”

A desire to avoid the chains of debt can also provide the necessary perspective to choose to live beneath our means and stop worrying about how others may see us.

The tiny house movement has become a growing migration away from the “more is better” mindset that dominates our culture. People are finding that building tiny houses of roughly 400 square feet or less allows them to focus on the relationships, passions and communities they value most.

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Elaine Walker