04/10 Does the Tiny House Movement Embrace Little Boxes made of Ticky Tacky?

rows of small homesThe song “Little Boxes” by Malvina Reynolds, sung here by Pete Seeger speaks to the conformity that youth in the sixties rebelled against. While the tiny house movement supports the expression of individuality, the movement is growing to embrace all forms of tiny living.

  • Some tiny house people are most concerned with saving money and are happy to have the choice of low cost houses made in volume. A “little box made of ticky tacky” can provide more freedom and a better quality of life to a person struggling to meet a large mortgage.
  • Other tiny house folks want luxury – for them, a tiny house may be a vacation home. Whether customized or offered as a standard, brand name model, what counts for them are the amenities.
  • Some are most committed to reducing their environmental impact and seek an off-grid home in a clean country setting.
  • Many want the satisfaction of building their own house, whether on a foundation or wheels.

Where and how you live is only one part of who you are. You don’t have to express your personality through your choice of housing. However, I hope that if you want to, you can. There has been much discussion lately about HUD, RVs, and regulations. As the tiny house movement grows, there will be a push toward more rules and conformity. I hope that whatever the future holds, it allows for you to have the kind of home you need.

Watch the video – Little Boxes


Elaine Walker