04/08 Tiny Home that seems Surprisingly Spacious

inside the Hikari Box from Shelter Wise

inside the Hikari Box from Shelter Wise

Tiny homes can often look anything but open and cozy, but Hikari Box, the most recent offering from the Portland, Oregon-based firm Shelter Wise manages to be both. It’s light-filled and has all the comforts you’d expect from a larger home, which includes a well-sized kitchen and bathroom, a spacious sleeping loft, and a nice lounge area.

The Hikari Box has 263 square feet of interior living space (not counting the lofts) and is 24 feet long. The name Hikari comes from the Japanese word for “light-filled”, which in the case of this home is achieved by having twelve windows and two skylights. Finding a way to let in plenty of natural daylight into tiny homes is important, since it does wonders for the appearance of spaciousness, which the designers of this one clearly understand very well.

The interior of the home features a kitchen with ample counter space, as well as a normal sized sink, stove, and even fridge. The bathroom features a toilet, shower and sink. There is also a large dining table running along one side of the living area, which can easily double as a worktable. The lounge area is located at one end of the home, and is perfect for one person.

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Elaine Walker