04/05 What does it take to be a house?

Glen Bunsen's micro-shelter

Glen Bunsen’s micro-shelter or tiny house?

Glen Bunsen says his house is “the smallest house in the world.” But if you can’t stand up in it, is it a house? What does it take to be a house?

Here’s one definition: A tiny house is a structure which is intended as a full time residence or year-round rental property, has at least 70 square feet of first floor interior living space, and no more than 400 square feet, and includes basic functional areas that support normal daily routines (such as cooking, sleeping, and toiletry).

At 25 square feet in floor space and less than four feet high, this seems to me to be a micro-shelter rather than a home. What do you think?

Learn more – http://smallesthouseintheworld.com/


Elaine Walker