04/04 Farmers make hay with a little house on the prairie

Birregurra farmer Tom Dennis and Joep Pennartz with a Tiny House in Victoria, Australia.

Birregurra farmer Tom Dennis, left, and Joep Pennartz with a Tiny House in Victoria Australia’s Western ­District. ‘It’s about getting away from city life.’ Picture: Luis Enrique Ascui

“It’s a bit like glamping except that every Tiny House, every farm and every location will be different, ” Mr Pennartz said yesterday, helping Mr Dennis furnish the snug room with soft bedding, solar panels, heritage lights and a small pot-belly stove.

“It’s really about getting away from city life, the emails, mobile phones … for a simple quiet weekend on a farm; and farmers benefiting from the support and interest of the people who come and stay.”

Mr Pennartz’s Shacky tiny houses project is raising* $25,000 via crowd-funding, with a night’s accommodation for every $175 funding pledged. Shacky has bought the first Tiny House to be located on Tarndwarncoort, to prove to farmers like Mr Dennis that the concept works.

[*Note: funding was fully raised and fund raising project is now closed. ]

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Elaine Walker