04/02 Couple make big changes to live in a tiny house

Shayla & David Bowler in their tiny house

Shayla & David Bowler in their tiny house

Sometimes, less is more.

That’s what Shayla and David Bowler are discovering, as they finish the final details on their tiny house on Glade Park and downsize their possessions, maximizing their time and energy on experiences instead of things.

The Bowlers are participating in a trend sweeping the nation called minimalism, and by building a tiny home they have forced themselves to focus on what really matters to them and what they want to include in their everyday lives.

It hasn’t been easy. David used to be a manager at Foot Locker, and had acquired quite the shoe collection. They’re still in the process of determining, day by day, what they actually need to live. But they’ve learned a lot and are finding that a minimalist lifestyle is a good fit.

It all started last year when they saw the documentary, “Tiny: A Story About Living Small,” which tells the story of a couple with no building experience who constructed a tiny home in Hartsel, Colorado.

Shayla, 30, was immediately hooked on the idea, while “he was like, hell, no,” she said, laughing.

But the more David, 36, thought about it, the more he liked the idea of paring down his stuff and deciding how to spend his free time, with no yard to maintain and a much shorter honey-do list.

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Elaine Walker