04/01 Mimi Zeiger on design, density and her new book ‘Tiny Houses in the City’

interior of the Minim house - http://minimhomes.com/

interior of the Minim house – http://minimhomes.com/

Architecture critic and author Mimi Zeiger grew up in Berkeley with a Bronx-raised mother who she says had no patience for driving her anywhere.

So it’s no surprise that her latest book, “Tiny Houses in the City,” (Rizzoli, $29.95) focuses on creative pint-sized homes that are wedged into densely populated urban neighborhoods.

She begins the book with a 71-square-foot blue bike skyscraper in Hanoi designed by Swiss architecture firm Bureau A and ends with the 1,580-square-foot Buzz Court development in Silver Lake by Heyday Partnership. In between, she shares more than 30 homes in a variety of unconventional configurations.

“The book covers so many different types of housing,” she says “From David Baker’s Richardson Apartments in San Francisco to the Billboard House in Mexico City where a roof becomes a space for a house. It tells you something — that housing can be anywhere.”

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Elaine Walker