03/21 Burgeoning business opportunities built around desire for cozy living spaces

tiny house by Full Moon Tiny Shelters

tiny house by Full Moon Tiny Shelters

A new generation of Nova Scotian entrepreneurs are providing an alternative to homebuyers not interested in purchasing a traditional house.

“I think there is a real market for Tiny Houses because there are so many different applications for them,” said Matthew Willox, owner of Howling Dog Construction.

“They can be totally customized to a client’s needs and wants. They can be totally self-contained. They are perfect for renting out as short or long term accommodation. I think they will be around for while as people are still finding new uses for them.”

Willox is one of a number of Nova Scotian entrepreneurs looking to satisfy an emerging desire for Tiny Houses. These homes usually cost between $20,000 and $50,000.

“I think people love the idea of having everything you need in a cozy and comfortable space that doesn’t cost a fortune, to run or to buy,” said Willox. “Some are looking to downsize from their large regular house, some just want a summer cottage that they can move around if they want to.”

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Elaine Walker