03/17 Six homeowners find big-time pleasure in their tiny retreats.

tiny house by Creative Cottages

tiny house by Creative Cottages

1. Pint-Size Pre-Fab

Natural light and waterfront views abound in this intimate retreat.

Off-Site Construction
Efficiency was perhaps the main consideration in the building of this small house, which was designed by R. McAllister Lloyd, founder of Creative Cottages, and built by Lloyd and his crew in a Brunswick warehouse. The exterior shell, complete with windows and siding, was flat-bedded to Freeport and hoisted into place by a crane. On site, the house went up within days.

Airy Comfort
Lloyd wanted to build a place that was scaled down but didn’t feel cramped. Accordingly, the 19-by-22–foot cottage has a full kitchen and comfortable bath, along with a laundry, gas fireplace, and large overhead loft for storage. Light streams in through dormers and a wall of glass, which means interior lights aren’t needed until “well after the sun has set,” Lloyd says.

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Elaine Walker