03/13 Building materials supplier selling tiny house trailers & plans for under $10,000

Tiny house by building materials supplier,84 Lumber

Tiny house by building materials supplier, 84 Lumber

Building materials supplier 84 Lumber has a new range of tiny houses for those who want to break into the housing market without breaking the bank.

There are four models available in various stages of construction, with prices starting at $US6884 ($AUD9400) for the DIY trailer & plans package.

At just four metres high and 14.3 square metres of floor space, the tiny houses use far less energy and resources than conventional houses and can be set up anywhere as they are built on a steel trailer.

The “Roving” model is the first to hit the market, and like the others it comes in DIY mode, semi DIY mode, or move-in ready.

The “Shonsie​”, “Degsy​” and a reported fourth style are currently still in prototype stage.

Roving’s sophisticated move-in ready option comes fully furnished with a composting toilet, cork flooring, Energy Star-certified appliances, and LED lighting, while the DIY Package simply includes architectural blueprints, a materials list, and a trailer.

Beyond the miniature porch is the slim front door to the slim living room/ kitchen, that sits below the loft “bedroom”.

There’s also a separate bathroom with a barn-style sliding door.

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Elaine Walker