03/08 Solar powered 3D printed tiny house & car transfer energy wirelessly to each other

3D printed house that comes with a 3D printed SUV

3D printed house that comes with a 3D printed SUV

Tiny houses are attractive to those who want to downsize their lives and gain a little more financial freedom and mobility. But there are real, practical challenges behind the idealism: unfriendly municipal regulations, not to mention mundane stuff like where one’s poop will go, and where water and electricity will come from.

But it may be a matter of seeing the big picture closing the loop: designers from architecture firm SOM, University of Tennessee and researchers from the US Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory are cleverly tackling the energy issue by using a concept they call “integrated energy”. Their innovative design features a 3D printed house, that comes with a 3D printed SUV, which each generate, store and share energy — boosting energy efficiency both ways, while benefiting from the reduced construction waste and quick turnaround that comes with additive manufacturing techniques.

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Elaine Walker