03/02 A Dog Owner’s Tiny House Dream

Lauren Stovall and her Jack Russell,  Skippy

Lauren Stovall and her Jack Russell, Skippy

Have you ever dreamed of giving it all up and settling down somewhere beautiful? It takes perseverance and passion, but Lauren Stovall made it happen.

Lauren and her adorable pup Skippy live in a tiny house in the Flatirons of Boulder, Colo., and it is just their size. As a bluegrass musician who spent years traveling, she realized the power of living tiny because she often only carried with her a suitcase. Wanting to de-clutter her life and live more simply, she went about creating the tiny house of her dreams.

About Skippy – “I met him in the parking lot of a Cracker Barrel and I wasn’t so sure if it was going to work out. And the next day I fell in love… When people think of me, they think of Skippy. He’s a huge part of my life.”

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Elaine Walker