02/29 Tiny house could provide big opportunity for Baltimore youth

Tiny house built by Civic Works' Youth Build Program

Tiny house built by Civic Works’ Youth Build Program

…A tiny house can provide a big opportunity for some Baltimore youth.

Giving youth confidence is one goal of the program. The other is to make sure the homes are energy efficient.

“It’s got all the modern amenities, on demand water heating system, cool roof, solar, electric,” Payne said.

Because the home is on wheels, Civic Works can show off the tiny house, and being mobile allows people to travel and live on site in the house.

“Housing could go where the jobs are and that would help bring Baltimore City residents the jobs they need,” Millett said.

Civic Works hopes their tiny house project is the start of something big, as they have plans to build 12 more of them.

Read more and watch the video – http://www.wbaltv.com/news/tiny-house-could-provide-big-opportunity-for-baltimore-youth/38254920


Elaine Walker