02/22 Drunk driver caught on video slamming into seminary student’s tiny house on wheels

Tiny home in Alexandar, NC, being built for seminary students, was destroyed by a drunk driver.

Tiny home in Alexandar, NC, being built for seminary students, was destroyed by a drunk driver.

A drunk driver lost control on Old Highway 20 in Alexander Saturday evening, slamming into a tiny home.

The home was destroyed, the driver made it out with any serious injuries, but homeowner Milton Cable has a big mess on his hands.

“We were actually leaving and we heard squealing noises, tires squealing, and then this big crash,” Cable said. “We looked at each other and said somebody’s hit our car now!”

Cable was expecting the worst, but came outside to find he had now lost two homes in just two weeks. He was only there that day to take inventory for the insurance company after a fire two weeks earlier destroyed his main house.

“There was fire on the back side of the house and it had breached into the attic,” Fire Chief Matthew Shelton, of the French Broad Volunteer Fire Department, said.

At this point, the local fire department is becoming pretty familiar with Cable. The same crew from the house fire responded to the overturned truck lying in the middle of his tiny home Saturday evening.

And because a neighbor offered to help keep an eye on his home after the fire, the whole crash was caught on video.

“He put up a camera to watch the house, just to kind of keep an eye on things since we’re not going to be there after the fire,” Cable explained.

That’s where Cable says he’s been able to find some good in all this bad luck.

“Nobody was mad and nobody was really badly hurt. We were all out in the middle of the street just laughing and cutting up,” Cable said.

The footage helped a trooper charge the driver with a DWI. The driver argued he swerved to miss an oncoming car, but the video clearly shows no oncoming car.

Cable says he was thankful he was busy with the insurance company, and not working on the tiny house at the time of the crash.

And on top of all that, he says the insurance company may help him build an even better home. All proving to be blessings in disguise.

“At this point, it just doesn’t feel like a tragedy,” Cable said.

So, while misfortune seems to follow Cable, better times are just around the corner.

“We’ve been blessed in every way since the fire and I can’t help but think that just because this gentleman was having a bad day and crashed into something on our property, he’s gonna be blessed from here on too. So, that’s just the way we’re going to have to look at it,” Cable said.

Cable says the house is damaged beyond repair. He was building it for seminary students around the country.

The driver was taken to the hospital, but didn’t suffer any major injuries.

Watch the crash on video – http://www.wlos.com/news/features/top-stories/stories/Drunk-Driver-Slams-into-Tiny-Home-253667.shtml


Elaine Walker