02/20 Tiny homes a liberating move for some

tiny house built by Liberation Tiny Homes

tiny house built by Liberation Tiny Homes

Lisa Ackerman hopes to move into her tiny home by February, with plans for it to be located in Lancaster (or perhaps Berks) County. Her tiny home, which is being built on a 24-foot wheel base, is being constructed by Liberation Tiny Homes.

“We’re customizing it with some reclaimed wood,” she says, her excitement evident in her voice.

Ackerman worked in the corporate world for 25 years but was laid off in April 2015. Unlike many who do not know what to do when found jobless, Ackerman just stepped up her passion — a part-time job she’d started a few years earlier.

“I’ve always loved golden retrievers and grooming them. When my daughter started college, I trained as a groomer and am also a certified canine massage therapist (and equine sports therapist).”

When she compared looking for another job in the corporate world or moving her passion from part time to full time, it was an easy decision.

“I can make people happy with my dog-grooming service, The Golden Touch,” Ackerman says. “I don’t even call it a job. It makes people happy and me happy.”

The dogs are happy, too. Ackerman travels to people’s homes and even attends Golden play dates, where owners socialize and the dogs romp, until it’s their turn to be groomed.

When she was deciding what else she needed to do with her new life, a friend mentioned the tiny home shows on TV. “What a concept, I thought.”

When she told her mother her plans, she said, “Well, if anyone can do it, you can.

“I get two reactions when I tell people,” Ackerman says. “One, is this glazed look as they try to contemplate it. The other is ‘Oh. My. Gosh. That sounds like fun!’ “

The tiny home also will allow her to live closer to her client base, she says.

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