02/18 Utahns tout advantages of Tiny House trend

Juliana and her tiny house

Juliana and her tiny house

“If you want financial freedom, if you want to travel, if you want to be flexible with your life, this is absolutely for you,” said Juliana Duran, standing outside of the “tiny home” she built four years ago at the age of 19.

Duran had been paying $1,000 each month in rent for an apartment in Park City when the idea come to her.

“If I could put that towards something that I own myself, I could put myself in financial freedom,” she recalls.

She held a yard sale, turning material goods into liquid cash for her tiny house project.

“I am a girl, so I do like shoes,” she said. “I did not sacrifice the shoes.”

Her shoe collection is now stored in a tiny cabinet on the exterior of her tiny house, where every inch of space inside is essential.

“It’s 140 feet downstairs, and I have an eight-by-eight foot loft upstairs, so total it’s about 190 square feet,” she said, adding “I have everything I need in my tiny house.”

The house has 11 windows, including a skylight, and a vaulted ceiling, all of which help the 7-foot wide structure feel more roomy than one might expect.

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Elaine Walker