02/18 From laundry room to tiny home! See inside this 88-square-foot house

laundry room turned tiny home

laundry room turned tiny home

Designer and architect Christi Azevedo loves properties that have outbuildings.

“They’re always a resource for creativity,” she told TODAY.com.

So when she came across a place with a former French laundry for sale in San Francisco, she had the perfect idea for the 88-square-foot boiler room: to transform it into a full-service guest apartment.

“The entire place was a wreck, but there were loads of details remaining,” she said. The space, which she lovingly calls the “Brick House,” was given an efficient and modern upgrade.

It now hosts a new IKEA kitchen, complete with a stainless steel countertop and custom upper doors of sanded acrylic. She said plumbing in such tight quarters is difficult, “but with a little encroachment in the kitchen cabinets, everything works like a charm.”

The intimate living room has a couch and coffee/dining table along with fold-out cushions that can be turned into a lounge chair on the stair landing. Up the ship ladder stairs, there’s a mezzanine dressing area with a built-in walnut wardrobe and drawers.

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Elaine Walker