02/17 Container home on the down-low

Container home of Jody Davis and Will Champion

Container home of Jody Davis and Will Champion

“I think this gives us more financial freedom,” Davis said. “We’ve been playing the mortgage rat-race for too long and we’re wicked sick of it.”

When a friend invited Davis and Champion to attend a seminar on tiny houses at Paul J. Ciener Botanical Garden in Kernersville last summer, they figured they had nothing to lose by checking it out.

The seminar was led by John Williams, a 63-year-old Iowa native who built earth-covered homes in the late ’70s and has recently started experimenting with retrofitting steel shipping containers. The idea of making a home out of a shipping container appealed to Davis.

“One of my only fears of going tiny is inclement weather,” Davis said. “I’m a little bit worried about tornados. The shipping container’s made of solid steel. It’s definitely not going anywhere.”

Now, only eight months after the seminar, Davis and Champion have a red, 40-foot K-Line shipping container in their backyard running most of the length of their northern property line.

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Elaine Walker