02/16 Tiny home builder dreams big

Andre Gaudraeu in front of his tiny house under construction

Andre Gaudraeu in front of his tiny house under construction

Nestled between the trees in a quiet rural area half an hour northwest of Airdrie is the soon to be home of one adventurous Albertan.

The home will boast all the luxuries of a typical build—a full-sized shower, living room, study and fully-functioning kitchen—but will only measure about 25 square metres.

Andre Gaudraeu is just one of many Albertans joining the tiny house movement sweeping the globe.

“I decided to find a different way of living,” said Gaudraeu, “We’re used to always going bigger and bigger, but bigger doesn’t always mean better.”

Gaudreau, a carpenter with 20 years of experience, has been building his future tiny home with top-quality materials that just happen to be recycled.

Since beginning construction on his home, he’s met a number of people looking to live out their tiny home dreams.

“It’s a movement,” said Gaudreau, noting the lifestyle is not for everyone. “It’s an experience that will change my life.”

Gaudreau explained eventually he would like to be fully self-sufficient and plans to grow his own produce and raise chickens and fish to live off of.

After completing his own home, he plans to help build tiny homes for others. He is currently working on one for a family of four.

But unlike many, Guadreau is lucky to have a rural property to put his home on, as most cities have not adopted the tiny house craze yet.

Amy Waher is a young Calgarian hoping to join the tiny home movement, but she has found it difficult.

“There’s a lot of issues with it,” said Waher.

Waher explained tiny-home living appeals to her as a young adult as she can afford to own something without breaking the bank.

“I always thought paying rent to go towards someone else’s mortgage was a waste of time,” she said.

Waher and her significant other currently have plans for their tiny home, but they are struggling to find a place to build it.

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Elaine Walker