02/15 Tiny house for rent on your land or RV park, $600/month

Roly Poly interior

Roly Poly interior

Hi folks,

One of our cute and custom tiny houses, Roly Poly, is available for lease from early March to October, $600/month. For those who haven’t seen it, here’s what Roly Poly looks like.

For those who have a place to put a tiny house and a good use for it, but don’t have the $$ to build or buy one right now, this may be good way to test drive having one on your property for the spring and summer.

It’s all electric (no gas or propane), and is plumbed with a flush toilet (not a composting toilet). So, this offer would only make sense for those who have a place to connect a plumbed tiny house (or who don’t need to use the toilet).

Please ensure that you have a place to put it, where it can be plumbed, and where you have an electric connection. Without that, this tiny house will not be a good option for you. We intend to bring Roly Poly back to Caravan in the fall.

Thanks, Kol
email: kolpeterson@gmail.com

Note: the Roly Poly is in Portland, Oregon.


Elaine Walker