02/09 How to Build a Tiny House on a Budget — Is it Possible?

tiny house made from recycled material

tiny house made from recycled material

You have seen some tiny houses on wheels and you have fallen in love. You can’t stop looking at photos. My goodness they are just so damn cute. Yes, you think, I could do that. I could live in a tiny house.

Well first of all, seeing tiny house pictures and actually living in one are two very different things. That should kind of go without saying.

So eventually the question will be asked: How the hell does one going about building a tiny house? I mean people do it right? They actually build these things.

Yes they do and you can do it as well.

I am not a builder. But my goodness I would love to build a tiny home. I am of the belief that in this day and age of Youtube and other wonderful how-to videos it is entirely possible to do this. Certainly you are going to need help and advice when it comes to certain things. Anything is possible.

When researching tiny homes it is not uncommon to see prices upwards of 50000$. Now this is probably for a custom built tiny home by a builder who knows everything. That price tag can be a bit daunting for a lot of us. Hell, the average cost of a tiny house is around 25000$. Much more manageable but this too can be overwhelming for some people. The whole point of tiny house living is to save money and possibly be mortgage and debt free.

So what is your tiny house budget number? Only you can decide that based on what you want your place to be.

The more systems you have (like solar) are going to put the price up, so perhaps it is good to start with a simple design if at all possible.

Even if you are interested in how to build a tiny house on a budget you do not want to cut corners! Please follow safety precautions, and DO NOT buy things that will put you, your family or your home in harm’s way; for example, DO NOT buy a trailer to use as a foundation that has been rusted out just for the sake of saving a few hundred dollars.

Ways to bring your tiny house costs down and save serious money

  1. Do all of the work yourself. Labor is why things cost so much to get built so if you can learn how to do the work yourself you are going to save thousands of dollars. When it comes to things like electrical and plumbing you may want to get help.
  2. Second hand material is where it’s at. Why buy new when used will do? Clean things up and no one will know the difference anyway.

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Elaine Walker