02/08 Building Homes for Local Artists

Student explains project with Space 4 Art

Student explains project with Space 4 Art

Team Sempiternal is a group of 9th graders building tiny homes for San Diego artists to provide affordable housing to keep art local.

Students will explore the “Tiny House Culture” and study their own impact on the environment via their living choices. They will be designing, drafting and building tiny houses for local artists in San Diego in order to provide affordable housing to keep art in San Diego. Other supplemental activities include surveying land, soils sampling and light analysis in order to understand how housing communities are effectively designed.

Our project will be in connection with Space 4 Art, a local non-profit arts education community and their head architect and co-founder, Bob Leathers. He has completed over 2,000 architectural projects, many of which were volunteer-built projects, in all 50 states and eight foreign countries. These projects include playgrounds, parks, science centers, community centers, theaters, galleries and zoos. The team began their relationship with Leathers at the beginning of the year during the Logan Heights Community Park H.A.C.E.R Project. He has been consulting with the students and their designs through the entire process and has been an integral part in bring the Tiny House Project to life.

The students will also be writing and publishing a book entitled A Tiny Home is Where the He[ART] is which will showcase the fourteen artists’ lives, work and stories leading up to the designs of their tiny homes in order to extend the message that art is an important part of society that deserves to be honored and recognized.

Read more – https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2073064591/sempiternal-tiny-homes-building-homes-for-local-ar


Elaine Walker