02/06 Towns and builders look at the popularity of tiny houses

Seth Terramane outside his tiny house under construction at Grace Church in Framingham, MA.

Seth Terramane outside his “tiny house” under construction at Grace Church in Framingham, MA.

Seth Terramane and his wife Christine know the home they’re building isn’t for everyone.

It’s just 200 square feet if you count the sleeping loft. They’ll have a composting toilet, little tub and hand-cranked washing machine, and they’ll climb up to bed on a staircase that doubles as a storage cabinet.

It’s a tiny house – just 24 feet long and 8 feet wide – and, oh yeah, it’s on wheels. “We definitely have friends who say, ‘No way, we could never do that,’” said Seth Terramane, a 35-year-old organic farmer. But the couple says it fits their lifestyle.

TV shows have made tiny houses trendy, but the Terramanes, who are renting now in Waltham, said they made a conscious decision to downsize. Inspired by the mantra “less is more,” they are constructing theirs on a trailer behind Grace Church in Framingham. 

“The idea,” Seth said, “is to simplify.”

Builders say miniature homes have risen in popularity thanks to programs on HGTV, FYI and DIY Network. The Terramanes are among the 800 members of a Meetup group called Greater Boston Tiny House Enthusiasts, who are attracted to the freedom, affordability and smaller eco-footprint that smaller homes can provide.

Framingham resident Sara McMahan said there’s such strong interest in the tiny house movement that she is organizing a MetroWest-based offshoot of the group. The first meeting is scheduled Thursday, Feb. 25 at 6:30 p.m. at British Beer Company, and a dozen people have already RSVP’d, McMahan said.

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Elaine Walker