02/06 Living Small in North Carolina

tiny house by North Carolina builder, Perch & Nest

tiny house by North Carolina builder, Perch & Nest

“Downsizing, right-sizing, or as you might refer to it, smart-sizing, is good for anybody of any age,” says John Williams, owner of Camp Tiny House of the Triad NC. “Many people are realizing that you spend your time in about the same area of space regardless of whether you have a very large home. When retiring, a number of people truly want to move into and live in a much smaller space that is easier to maintain and handle. This allows the flexibility of aging in place and perhaps being near children or other people and looked after as if you were in an assisted living community.”

Camp Tiny House, based in Winston-Salem, is one of several companies in North Carolina providing tiny home construction opportunities. Often defined as having less than 500 square feet, tiny homes have become an affordable choice for retirees, young couples looking for a low or no mortgage and individuals embracing a minimalist lifestyle. Some buyers even choose to have two small homes in desired locations instead of one large residence with a single address.

“Tiny homes are simply another way of having an independent living community and support around you,” Williams says…

Perch & Nest is another tiny home builder in the Triad. According to company officials, the Perch & Nest team consists of experienced homebuilders, carpenters, designers, up-cyclers, and licensed professionals who are also homeowners, parents and homesteaders. Every Perch & Nest home is constructed utilizing general building code and state-of-the-art materials…

“We are building for college students, young families, retirees, singles, vacationers,” she says. “The price of a tiny home on wheels varies greatly, and materials and fixtures tend to dictate price much more than size. Our completed tiny homes on wheels generally sell for $30,000 to $60,000 on average.”

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