02/05 Short-term micro house project to put roofs over youths

Youth Futures temporary house

Youth Futures temporary house

The government is investing $400,000 into assessing micro-housing for young people in need around Tasmania.

The Youth Castles pilot project will trial five self-contained, demountable and moveable micro-homes that would provide a short-term housing option for young people before transitioning into a permanent dwelling.

Government branch Housing Connect will choose youths profiled to benefit from the program and implement support workers to monitor their progress.

Human Services Minister Jacquie Petrusma said the mobility of the micro-homes meant they could be set up in places that would allow the occupants to remain close to support networks.

“Often, these are young people who for various reasons have chosen not to live at home with their family,” Ms. Petrusma said.

“They might be wary about living by themselves in a proper house, so this way they’ve got the safety of being in a backyard where they feel more comfortable.”

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Elaine Walker