02/05 How to Install a Wood Stove in a Tiny House

 Ariel C. McGlothin installs a wood stove in her Fy Nyth tiny house.

Ariel C. McGlothin installs a wood stove in her Fy Nyth tiny house. Above is a still photo. The link to the blog and video is at the bottom.

Yesterday I lit up my new wood stove for real for the first time! The final parts and pieces we were waiting on finally arrived on Monday. That evening, I got everything ready, and yesterday my friend helped me put everything together.

In case you missed my last few posts, my new wood stove is a Mini CT12 from Grey Stove Works. I decided to add a wood stove to my house for several reasons. First, I have access to plenty of free firewood right around my house thanks to lots of standing dead trees, many of them beetle killed. Removing them helps lessen the wildfire danger in the area. And this is certainly cheeper than buying propane. A wood stove does not require electricity and my vented propane heater does to run the fan. So this will greatly lessen the drain on my battery bank in cold weather and thus the amount of gas I buy for my generator to top those batteries off on short and snowy winter days. Lastly, wood heat produces a very dry heat, helping out greatly with reducing condensation and the resulting mold issues that tend to plague very small spaces. So, I decided a small wood stove would be a great addition to Fy Nyth.

Click here for the blog post with a short video tour of my first fire burning, and some details on installing the stove – http://fynyth.blogspot.com/2016/02/i-have-fire.html


Elaine Walker