02/04 Atlas tiny house comes with its own fold-down patio bar

Atlas Tiny House

Atlas Tiny House

Besides the radically downsizing part, most tiny housers are normal people who like to raise families, cohabit with furry friends and of course, entertain. It may seem well nigh impossible in a small space, but we’ve seen it done, with the help of a few creative modifications.

Being able to invite people over for a gathering, without feeling boxed in, was one of the motivations behind the design of the Atlas House by designers Blake Dinkins, Lance Cayko, Alex Gore, and Sarah Schulz, who all met at North Dakota State University in Fargo. The big design idea here involves a fold-down patio deck that opens up the small interior to the outdoors, bringing in light and a convenient sit-down patio bar space.

The design team explains their story in conceiving the Atlas:

While on vacation, alongside a beautiful stream just outside of Glacier National Park, we were enjoying the scenery when the rain rolled in. A group of us went inside the RV and began to play cards. It quickly dawned on me that we were trapped inside a box with no real view to the outside while at the same time being in of the most beautiful places in the world.

Coming in at a snug 196 square feet, the Atlas is powered by solar, collects rainwater, and instead of the ubiquitous dimensional lumber, it’s one of the few tiny houses we’ve seen that uses steel framing throughout to lighten its overall weight, while conferring a strong, underlying structure. It is also built on top of a double-axle utility trailer base.

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Elaine Walker