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02/03 Tiny homes are gaining big popularity

Notre Dame Professor Marianne Cusato designs small homes
Notre Dame Professor Marianne Cusato designs small homes.

Livable homes less than 200-square-feet. They are growing in popularity across the country, even here in St. Joseph County, IN.

Based on code these entire houses can be as small as most people’s living rooms.

For a local couple, 169 square-feet is what they’re calling home.

“We’re built on a 24×8.5 foot trailer. Overall from the ground height is about 13 feet tall,” said owner David Stillson.

For Stillson and his wife Nikki, bigger isn’t always better.

“After being in it and using the space, you just kind of realize, yeah, this is exactly what we wanted it to be,” said Stillson. “I like to watch movies and TV so we made a living room in our tiny house. We designed our kitchen to have the things we use most.”

The couple hasn’t skipping out on safety.

“We have carbon monoxide and smoke detector,” he said.

They even made room for their three cats.

“When it comes to the size of the home, square footage the number is really irrelevant,” said Notre Dame Professor, Marianne Cusato.

Cusato designs small homes, most notably ‘Katrina’s Cottages’ built after Hurricane Katrina.

Read more and watch the video – http://www.wsbt.com/news/local/Tiny-homes-are-gaining-big-popularity/37805886

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