01/27 Workshop for Homeowners Who Want to Build an ADU in the Backyard in Portland, OR

sketch of ADU
This class is intended for homeowners interested in building an ADU on their property. For most homeowners, building an ADU is not simple or straightforward–it’s essentially the job of being a land developer— a job that most of us know have ever done, or will likely ever do again.

Think of this class as an on-ramp to the process of designing and building an ADU. This class will open your eyes to the spectrum of content that you’ll execute and manage in the course of designing and building and ADU. It is intended to make the whole process and project better by helping you understand the ADU design, management, and building process.

By the end of the class, you will better understand the design/permit/build process, which will save you significant time and money, and will result in a better product–an ADU that will work well for your particular situation.

In the process of designing and building my ADU, I have become passionate about ADUs generally. I am not a general contractor nor an architect trying to pitch my services to you. I am an ADU advocate, educator, and consultant with a lot of practical information to share about them. The class is full of extremely high-value information that you can’t find anywhere else.

You’ll Walk Away from the Class Understanding…

  • The design, permitting, and building process
  • Relevant green building concepts, approaches, and certifications
  • Financing, property taxes, rebates, incentives, cost-saving design/build measures, contracts
  • Resources, references and contacts to help you design and build your ADU (including ADU regulations, local building material sourcing recommendations, a budget sample, contract types and more).
  • You’ll be able to ask (and answer) questions and network with other local homeowners who are considering building an ADU.

    Date: February 21
    Cost: $125

    Read more – http://pdxadu.blogspot.com/p/adu-class-for-homeowners.html


Elaine Walker