01/25 Small Living, Big Savings: Eco-Friendly Tiny Homes You’ll Love

Escape Traveler

Escape Traveler

What’s the big idea about these tiny homes?
I discovered there was, in fact, something really BIG about this not-so-little idea. Something that appeals to all age groups and all income brackets.

Yuppies are trading in their chic downtown penthouses for tiny abodes; newlyweds are swapping Mikasa for mortgage-free living and single folks are ditching bar hopping in favor of road tripping.

Tiny home
In essence, the tiny home/house concept reduces your square footage while increasing your livelihood. With varied homeowner tastes and preferences, style offerings range from bohemian chic to modern sleek. I witnessed tiny homes with all the personality of a stick built home, just manufactured and minimized.

Episode after episode, (energy efficient) light bulbs were going off. I found myself asking my husband, Ron, how he felt about the idea. As entrepreneurs who work remotely, this could prove to be extremely challenging – for even the tiniest of small-living enthusiasts.

But, the payoff? Forget a down payment. These homeowners are buying their tiny homes with upfront cash and long-term savings. No mortgage. No rent. No water or electric bill (for some). The tradeoff? Small living for big freedom.

This lifestyle does take some decisiveness, decluttering and downsizing. But, how much ‘stuff’ do we really need anyway? Is your stuff weighing you down? Do you even know where you stuff is? It’s these questions that many tiny house owners pondered prior to joining the freedom bandwagon and debt-free movement. And, you can, too.

Tiny homes, big decisions
While I witnessed many homes I could see myself living in, the opposite can also be said. Some were shabby, others too small with no shower or closet space. But, with the tiny home craze so hot right now, many builders are willing to customize these at very cool prices to suit every client’s need and personal preference…

Initially, I didn’t see a lot of contemporary designs with modern day luxuries. Until, I discovered the Escape Traveler. While it’s designed for RV road warriors, it certainly fits the tiny-house bill at 269 square feet. And, with options like an electric fireplace, big screen TV and dishwasher, it’s no wonder the company refers to it, it’s a vacation wonder on wheels.

Read more – http://www.earth911.com/home-garden/small-living-big-savings-eco-friendly-tiny-homes-youll-love/

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