01/23 To the Tiny House Haters

Keep calm and forget the haters.
I’ve been noticing a lot of articles recently about why tiny houses are a horrible idea. The whole tiny house movement started years ago, and it’s been picked up as a fad, especially now that they’ve made reality TV shows about it. Now some people are writing negative posts about tiny houses. I think the fad is winding down as people start to look into the not-so-glamorous side of tiny houses, and the appeal is losing some of its sparkle. But the movement will continue with the people who knew about the difficulties and jumped in anyway.

I’m not saying that tiny houses are right for everyone, but I’m disagreeing with the articles that say no one should live in them. Just like anything, there are pros and cons to tiny houses. Anyone considering a tiny house should weigh the good and bad before deciding if a tiny house is right for them.

This is how I see my living options:

Option A: Live with parents.

You spend most of your time in your bedroom, a (small) room mostly taken up by a bed. You share a kitchen and you most likely share a bathroom with the people you’ve already had to deal with for your whole life. By the time you graduate high school, you’re probably ready for a change. Especially since you have little to no control over your parents’ house. It’s also not ideal for visitors, because they’ll probably have to sleep on the floor.

Option B: Dorm life.

You now pay money for an even smaller room with a small bed. You might even share a room with another student, and having to fit two beds, two closets, and two desks into one room makes for a cramped space with no privacy. You also share a bathroom with strangers. In many universities, you’re not allowed to have so much as a toaster in your room. This means that you have to rely on a dining hall with limited hours and options. But at least you don’t have to cook for yourself. Forget about having friends over, because you’ll have even less floor space than you used to. And you can also forget about individuality, because your room looks exactly like the other 400 in the building.

Option C: An apartment.

Let’s face it, when you’re young, you’re not going to be able to afford a nice apartment. You’ll be paying to live in a crappy apartment that you’re not allowed to make big changes to. And all your money will be going down the drain, because you’ll never own the place.

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Elaine Walker