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01/21 From Trailer to Tiny House in an afternoon: The SIP Solution

Tiny house being built with SIPs
Tiny house being built with SIPs
Just like building a custom home, every tiny house is unique. Building on a smaller scale allows the homeowner to really dig into every detail, every finish, and every material that is being used. Tiny house owners must use as efficient design tools and building materials as they possibly can to make the most of their tiny home. This is where the Insulspan SIP system shines. Being a structurally insulated panel, not only is the process of enclosing the shell complete in one step, but you get superior energy efficiency.

The speed of installing an Insulspan Ready-To-Assemble System was put to the test one Saturday morning in July when we arrived in site to help the homeowner to construct his Tumbleweed home. Armed with tools and an installation manual provided by Insulspan, we began the process of assembling the home on an approved, weight-bearing trailer.

Following the plans, we assembled the house piece by piece, with the only difference being the need for the engineered fastening system to secure it to the trailer. By mid-afternoon, we had a completely enclosed shell that created an insulated building envelope.

You can follow our progress throughout the day in the gallery linked here – https://plastifab.wordpress.com/2016/01/21/trailer-to-tinyhouse/

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Stephanie McQueen
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