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01/18 Pros & Cons of Various Tiny Shelter Options

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One of the end goals of many preppers is to establish a bug-out plan that ends at some sort of retreat/isolated area…

But what kind of shelter will you have when you get there?

Tiny Houses


  • A framed tiny house is very close to a traditionally built residence.
    The cost to build or purchase a tiny house is significantly less than traditional options.
  • Depending on how things are interpreted in your local area, a tiny house could potentially be built without a permit.


  • Unless a tiny house is on a foundation, it is susceptible to not be level if there is soft ground or the weather causes the ground to soften.
  • They can be heavy.
  • A large truck will probably be needed to move most tiny homes.
  • Due to rules and regulations, strict guidelines have to be followed when it comes to the size of tiny homes or special permits will be required to move your home from one place to another.

Cost: For a person who is willing to build his own tiny house, costs will start at about $10,000. Many tiny home companies offer pre-built homes that start at about $30,000.

Cabin Kits

If you are looking to set up a permanent structure at your bug-out/retreat location, a cabin is a nice option. It is even a nicer option if it comes nicely packaged together with straightforward directions. There are many companies that can be found through an Internet search that offer different plans and options.


  • This is a great option if you are inclined to build something yourself but don’t quite have the time or patience to arrange for all of the materials and then cut everything yourself.

Read more http://personalliberty.com/a-tiny-solution-to-a-big-problem/

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