01/14 The tiny house craze doesn’t make sense for many Canadians

The tiny house built, lived in, and then sold by Joanna and Collin Gibson

The tiny house built, lived in, and then sold by Joanna and Collin Gibson

Some Canadians are falling out of love with the tiny house trend. When Joanna and Collin Gibson got married, they decided to start their life together by building a tiny house [Our Wee House] in a remote Ontario community. “We started looking at Facebook, Pinterest posts, pictures, that sort of thing,” Collin told Tech Insider. “And gradually over the space of a couple of weeks, we thought, this is crazy, we should totally do this.”

The couple spent $26,000 building their “wee house.” Everything was going well until Joanna got pregnant six months later:

“The small space for my wife during pregnancy was just a bit much, so we just needed to move into town,” Collin says. “And then some pretty crazy unexpected health challenges came and ran us over in 2012 and we ended up moving in with family. The house just became this thing that we were [literally] hauling from place to place…”

People are regretting buying tiny houses south of the border as well: Melanie Sorrentino and her husband Mark purchased a 150-square-foot home in Arkansas.

“It was insane,” recalls Sorrentino to The Globe and Mail. “At the end of the year, I was seriously worried I was going to have a heart attack from stress.”

She urges anyone enamoured with the tiny house craze to really try to envision themselves living in the house first and think before they buy: “My advice for anyone looking at a tiny house — or any lifestyle painted so perfectly — is to try to imagine whether you can grow as a human being in that space.”

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Elaine Walker