Tiny houses on wheels now legal as backyard cottages in Fresno

Tiny houses are getting a big break from the city of Fresno. Now, other communities across the country are interested.

The pint-sized houses on wheels – complete with kitchen, living room and loft – are now considered backyard cottages thanks to changes in the city’s zoning and development code. That means tiny homes can be used as independent living quarters on the same lot as a single-family house granted it meets some requirements. Previously, the mobile units could only serve as temporary lodging.

The big deal is this “allows you to put tiny houses on your property and live in them legally, full time,” said Pat Mosley, owner of California Tiny House, a Fresno builder.

The new ordinance, spearheaded by Fresno City Council Member Esmeralda Soria, went into effect Jan. 3. California Tiny House will drive its latest model to City Hall on Thursday where Soria and the mayor are expected to tour the home. The public is also invited to get a look.

Fresno is believed to be one of the first communities nationwide to adopt a zoning code making tiny houses [on wheels] legal [in the backyards of existing homes without having to be a caregiver unit].

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Elaine Walker