01/13 Tiny house? Ha! America didn’t get where it is by thinking small!

the word "unamerican" in white letters on a blue background
Letter to the editor [of the daily Hampshire Gazette regarding Sarah Hastings and her tiny house in Hadley, MA]:

I’ve been more than a little annoyed at the growing popularity of tiny houses. I think they’re a big problem. Let’s face it, little things are un-American. We like things big. Big egos on big TVs. Big cars on big highways. Big houses with big pricetags, on even bigger lots.

America didn’t get where it is today by thinking small.

Who knows where this tiny trend could end? Might mini-mansions become a major market in Massachusetts? I don’t think so. Our economy depends on big business. Tiny houses, tiny cars, tiny credit card balances means tiny profits for the big banks.

I guess from the business point of view, tiny salaries wouldn’t be too bad. But only for the workers, not for the top executives of course. They get tiny taxes.

If this young woman keeps her tiny house in Hadley, that could make the rest of us feel small. She thinks she’s so big just because her house is tiny. Well, take it from me, size isn’t everything. Her house is so tiny that the mice are hunchbacked. Her house is so tiny that as I stepped through the front door I fell out the back window. Her house is so tiny that I would need five of them just to fit all my stuff. People with tiny houses should go back where they came from, or should be self-deported to tiny countries like Luxembourg or Liechtenstein where they can feel at home.

Author: Andy Morris-Friedman

Source: http://www.gazettenet.com/home/20486508-95/andy-morris-friedman-tiny-house-ha-america-didnt-get-where-it-is-by-thinking-small


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