01/12 NextDoor Housing and Grandma Shirley

Shirley Louiselle's 240 sq ft tiny home

Shirley Louiselle’s 240 sq ft tiny home

Many of the [NextDoor tiny] homes are senior-friendly featuring wheelchair-accessible bathrooms and low countertops, and some are even mobile (deeming them certified RVs) so they can actually be placed directly in the backyard of a caretaking family member.

Aside from size, they also appeal to seniors because of their low-maintenance nature and lack of stairs. Check out the video below and keep reading for a glimpse at some current listings, but we should warn you that they’re so charming and cute, you may even want one for yourself.

Read more and watch the video http://www.popsugar.com/home/Tiny-Homes-Seniors-39768928#photo-39768928


Elaine Walker