01/11 Proud to pave the way for tiny houses

Sarah Hastings, Hadley, Massachusetts tiny house resident

Sarah Hastings, Hadley, Massachusetts tiny house resident

Sarah Hastings has until May 5 to convince residents her tiny house, a 190-square-foot home she built herself, should be allowed to remain on East Street. Otherwise, she has to leave the next day.

That was the unanimous ruling by the Zoning Board of Appeals on Monday. It upheld violation notices given to Hastings and her landlords, Ron and Donna Adams, in November for being out of compliance, but delayed enforcement until May 6, the day after Town Meeting. That gives Hastings time to craft a zoning bylaw amendment that would allow tiny houses, which she said are not currently covered in the law.

Hastings has until Feb. 17 to submit a warrant article for Town Meeting, which she said is in process already.

If the Zoning Board had not delayed enforcement, Hastings and her landlords would each face fines of more than $12,000.

“This was a favorable outcome,” Hastings said after the hearing…

Opinions at the 90-minute hearing were mixed, with some saying she should not be allowed because she did not receive the proper permits.

“You come in and put something down and now you want the town to accept it,” said Newton Lane resident Brian Glazier. “Everyone else in town has to get permits to build…”

Hastings said she realized that if she wanted to fight for tiny houses to be allowed, she could not wait for “someone else” to pave the way for her. “I’m proud to be that ‘someone else,’ ” she said.

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