01/11 Look inside a tiny home in South Bend, IN

Nikki and Dave Stillson's tiny kitchen

Nikki and Dave Stillson’s tiny kitchen

“We realized we are at our day jobs all day and we are at home for a couple hours at night and we are really just at home to sleep. The only con I would say is I don’t have an oven and I miss baking,” says Dave Stillson.

This eight by eight kitchen is missing an oven but there is still a stove top. Pots and pans, dishes and glasses and a spice rack are completely organized. “I had to like weed down which spices I wanted to keep because we had a crazy spice drawer,” says Dave.

Cutting back on space and belongings isn’t necessarily for everyone.

“A common response is ‘I would never do that – that’s awesome, but I would never do that’,” says Dave.

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Elaine Walker