01/05 Tiny house dweller in MA facing fines of up to $12,600

Sarah Hastings' tiny home

Sarah Hastings’ tiny home

The woman living in a tiny house on East Street [in Hadley, MA] and her landlords could each face fines up to $12,600 for violating a town bylaw allowing only one dwelling per buildable lot, but they are appealing the violation before the Zoning Board of Appeals on Monday.

Sarah Hastings, a Mount Holyoke College alumna, built her 190-square-foot tiny house for $15,000 as part of a school project. She graduated in May 2015 and moved the tiny house to a plot of land owned by Ron and Donna Adams in June. She has been living in it and writing about it since.

She said Tuesday she will request an extension from the Zoning Board to prepare a proposed update to Hadley’s zoning bylaw that would allow tiny houses.

“I’m hoping the town will be understanding of the situation,” Hastings said. “Tiny houses are such a big conversation now.”

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