01/05 The Big Meaning of those Tiny Homes

Concord Monitor editorial
[Editorial from the Concord Monitor: the wisdom of New Hampshire shines through in realms beyond presidential races.]

Should a tiny house be classified as a house? What about if it’s on a trailer? Is it an RV? A manufactured home?

The answer is, “All of the above.” Tiny houses require their own classification, and town and city officials should get busy drafting ordinances before they have multiple proposals before them. Discussing each project separately without parameters specific to tiny houses will be unnecessarily challenging and emotional – and, most of all, time consuming. It’s better to move the starting point as far along as possible. Our hope is that when officials do sit down to draw up or amend the rules, they will be inspired to reward people who want to trade square footage and belongings for people and the outer world.

The homes and their residents will most likely not be a burden to public safety or school systems, nor are they likely to negatively affect property values or the “character” of a town. They are the humblest of dwellings, with, we assume, the humblest of residents.

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Elaine Walker