01/03 Porta Palace takes the tiny home on the road in the Netherlands

Dutch designer Daniel Venneman in front of his tiny house

Dutch designer Daniel Venneman in front of his tiny house

“Like in many European countries, there is quite a financial leap to go from renting your student apartment to owning your own house [in the Netherlands],” Daniel Venneman tells Gizmag. “It seems almost impossible to find a nice place of your own, in closer contact to a natural landscape. Luckily Jelte wasn’t scared of taking some risks, so we went on an adventure together. In the end the project was all about finding a more affordable and qualitative way to live more sustainably.”

The tiny home most certaintaly won’t be a solution for everybody, but it is a clever model for those who are up for the challenge of living in a micro space. Described by Venneman as an example of “bio-based construction,” the home was built using a timber-frame, steel roof, and is clad with wood which will naturally wear over time with minimal maintenance required.

The Porta Palace comprises of an open multi-purpose living and dining area which features built-in furniture, storage space and large floor-to-ceiling hinged glass doors which open outwards, extending the living area onto to the surrounding landscape. The sofa in the living area can double as a bed for a guest or child and also offers convenient storage space. There’s also an elevated double loft bed, kitchen, bathroom with dry toilet and LED lighting throughout.

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Elaine Walker