01/03 Dream tiny: A Chichester grandma looks forward to life in her 170-square-foot house on wheels

Megan Zopf stands in the doorway of her tiny house.

Megan Zopf stands in the doorway of her tiny house.

Sitting in the living room of her 700-square-foot Chichester home, Megan Zopf looks around and sees a small collection of belongings that are on their way out of her life.

Her granddaughter, Caylee, will have to go without some of her toys. The childhood records and scrapbooks of photography will be handed down to her daughter. The marble desk and nearby loveseat are too heavy and big.

Zopf, 58, is downsizing from small to tiny. Her new home, where she expects to spend the rest of her life, is half-built in her driveway. It’s 170 square feet and lives permanently on an 18-foot trailer.

“All this stuff here is just going buh-byes. And if you remove all this stuff here, what’s left? People,” she said.

Zopf, who is retired and babysits Caylee full time, is part of a growing trend of tiny house owners. For her, it was a sensible solution as she moved from Connecticut back home to New Hampshire to be closer to her family.

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