Where Do You Shop for Tiny House Plans?

In an effort to deliver an exceptional resource hub on all things tiny house related, we want to hear from you! We want to know where you shop for tiny house plans!

We are conducting research continuously to ensure we bring great, up-to-date information to viewers like yourself. There are many people who seek this information, but it is scattered across the entire internet!

So many new people seek affordable housing, want to live tiny “just because” or want the freedom to travel. If you already live tiny, you know the stress it can cause and the struggle that these early stages can be. So we are asking those of you who live tiny, or are currently in-process of living tiny (building stage), to share a drop of information from your personal buckets of experience.

Let’s bring it all together in one huge “library” of resources and information. Shall we?

Fill out the survey below to share you thoughts and experiences with Tiny House Community!

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(Data is referenced & sometimes shared in our articles.)

As always, leave a comment if you’d like to add something that isn’t on the survey. We also have a topic in the forums if you want to share a personalized experience. Our newsletter also gives you the opportunity to share your experiences, on top of receiving great tips, inspiration, latest articles, and other email-only content.