Tiny House Events this Weekend Sept. 26-28

  • Bees Knees workshop

    Bees Knees workshop

  • Leicester, MA: The Bees Knees tiny house workshop, Sept. 28 – Oct. 3
  • Madison, WI: Occupy Madison Open House Fundraiser, Sept. 26, 5 pm
  • Santa Fe, NM: Meet up of the tiny house team at the library, Sept. 27, 10 am
  • Katy, TX: Showing the documentary film, Microtopia, Sept. 27, noon
  • Boise, ID: Help with hardwood flooring at Ryan’s, Sept. 28, 10 am
  • Houston, TX: Open tiny house, Sept. 28, 2 pm
  • Cedar Rapids, IA: Dee Williams “The Big Tiny” book signing, Sept. 28, 4 pm
  • OM Madison

    OM Madison

            Details and event links are in the calendar.